برويل سلك DHT-520 INSERT 3.5+2xRCA 1.8M

برويل سلك DHT-520 INSERT 3.5+2xRCA 1.8M

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Professional assembled “INSERT” cable with Die Hard Gold overmolded connections / Ø 3,5 mm stereo plug – 2 * RCA plug. Length: 1,8 m. Available colour: Black.

The Die Hard Gold series has always been at the top of the market due to its technical features, reliability and durability. Constant quality control, choice of materials and production methods are the key features that identify the series and that have led it to very high performances.

Tech Description

  • Color: Black
  • Connectors: Die Hard Gold overmolded/ Ø 3,5 mm stereo plug – 2 * RCA plug
  • Overall jacket:: High flexibility 2 * Ø 4.0 mm PVC
  • 1° shield: Aluminium foil
  • 2° shield: dense spiral red coopper wire
  • Available models and related lengths
  • DHG520LU18 – 1,8 m
  • DHG520LU3 – 3,0 m
  • DHG520LU5 – 5,0 m


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