كليبش سماعة أذن سبورت أبيض T5


كليبش سماعة أذن سبورت أبيض T5

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توفر سماعات الاذن الرياضية راحة لامثيل لها وبطارية تدوم طويلا ووضوح صوت اسطوري . مصممة لتبقى بالاذن ساعات طويلة بشكل مريح

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The T5 Sport Earphones combine the legendary acoustic performance you’ve come to expect from Klipsch with the latest in Bluetooth® connectivity to ensure a clear, crisp signal from your mobile device.

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Sweat-resistant and highly durable, the T5 Sport Earphones can handle whatever Mother Nature has in store for your day.

Man walks dog with Klipsch T5 Sport


Do more than listen – experience. With AptX HD technology, your Bluetooth connection is almost identical to a wired connection. Without signal delays or disruptions, you’ll feel like you’re in the recording studio, the game, or the show:

  • Wireless High Def: aptX HD delivers 24-bit wireless high-def audio over your Bluetooth connection
  • Tailored to improve signal-to-noise ratio: aptX HD is specifically designed to eliminate background noise
  • Minimal sound distortion: aptX HD means you can enjoy music the way the sound engineer intended

Klipsch T5 Sport Apt X

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