PSR-I400 ياماها لوحه مفاتيح هنديه 61 مفتاح

PSR-I400 ياماها لوحه مفاتيح هنديه 61 مفتاح

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تتميز بمجموعة شاملة من الآلات الموسيقية الهندية (أصوات) ووظيفة المرافقة الآلية (الأنماط) التي تستمد من مجموعة واسعة من أنواع الموسيقى الهندية ، تعد  لوحة المفاتيح ياماها المحمولة المثالية لتعلم الموسيقى الهندية. كما يأتي مزودًا بعدد من وظائف الدرس بما في ذلك وظيفة الطبله المدمجة التي تسمى “رياز” ، والتي تجعل تعلم العزف على الأغاني أو “راجا” الهندية التقليدية عملية سريعة وممتعة.

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Featuring a comprehensive collection of onboard Indian instruments (Voices) and an auto accompaniment function (Styles) that draws from a broad spectrum of Indian music genres, the PSR-I400 is the ultimate portable keyboard for learning Indian music. It also comes equipped with a number of lesson functions including a built-in Tabla / Mridangam & Tanpura function called “Riyaz,” that makes learning to play songs or traditional Indian “Raga” scales a fast and enjoyable process.


Yamaha PSS-A50

Playing the PSR-I400 can be a truly enjoyable family affair. An array of essential traditional instrument sounds (Voices) and auto accompaniment Styles make it fun for family members of all ages to play Indian Music, from classic standards to modern hits.


The PSR-I400 offers several learning features that make developing keyboard skills a faster, more enjoyable process. We believe the best way to learn and improve is by having fun, and the more your children improve, the greater their commitment to continuing to learn and enjoy playing music.

Enjoy learning music


An extensive library of authentic sounding Indian instruments


Lesson functions that make learning fun and easy.


Riyaz—Play along instantly with a versatile traditional Indian rhythm section

Yamaha’s precise Touch Response keyboard lets you express yourself like a pro

World-renowned Yamaha quality that lasts

Save time and focus on practice with Registration Memory’s stored settings

Pitch bend wheel for authentic performance

Enjoy playing music

Auto accompaniment for adaptable ensemble performances of Indian music.

Auto-arpeggio function for inspiring rhythmic patterns and authentic phrasing

The transpose function makes sure you’re always singing in the right key!

Layer instruments to enjoy atmosphere performances

The Split function gives you ensemble power

Onboard speakers deliver rich, high-quality sound

Play anywhere, anytime

Lightweight, durable design for effortless transport

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