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Montarbo® WIND PRO 208A is an active acoustic loudspeaker designed to guarantee extremely high performances in terms of power and quality.

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Montarbo® WIND PRO 208A is an active acoustic loudspeaker designed to guarantee extremely high performances in terms of power and quality.

The “Quasi 3-Way” acoustic design combined with a sophisticated audio signal processing system, defines the new point-source standard, result of an 1” high-frequency coaxially loaded driver with an 8” transducer with 2” voice coil, and an additional 8” woofer with 3” voice coil.

The cabinet made in birch multiply with a polyurea finish is characterized by a complex internal structure of wood and steel reinforcements, that ensures great sturdiness. The two woofers, loaded in back-reflex configuration, guarantee a fast powerful defined response to low frequencies, without interferences in the midrange thanks to the asymmetrical crossover that allows only the upper woofer the reproduction of the vocal range.

The coaxial coupling of the high frequencies driver ensures a coherent and transparent overall response, and a 110° horizontal and vertical symmetrical coverage, extremely linear. The Class-D amplifier features two high-efficiency channels, ensuring a 1600W RMS total power that allows the speaker a 132 dB SPL with a 70 Hz to 18 kHz frequency response.

An advanced 24-bit 96kHz DSP ensures consistency, linearity and reliability thanks to the innovative proprietary M-Modelling technology, able to model the phase and frequency response through sophisticated digital algorithms, for a superb reproduction of sound details offering an unprecedented dynamic.

8 presets, 4 of which are user-programmable, make the system suitable for any use, thanks also to the Dante analog and digital inputs for a versatile and complete plug & play connection. Through two ethercon connectors shared with the Dante port, several speakers can be connected to the network to access multiple device parameters.

The architecture is based on the M-Connect proprietary software that, through a simple advanced interface allows the control and the tuning of the installed system. A point-to-point Wi-Fi connection with access via a dedicated app, allows the stand-alone control of some basic speaker parameters such as volume and mute. A proprietary control system allows the authentication of the product.

The EARTH PRO Series subwoofers allow the range of WIND PRO models to be extended up to 28 Hz. A complete range of integrated optional rigging Montarbo® accessories allows the system to be installed in any situation.


  • Very high performance-to-size ratio
  • 2-channel amplifier 800 W + 800 W RMS
  • 132 dB SPL
  • Quasi 3-Way acoustic design
  • 8” neodimium coaxial speaker with 2” voice coil and 1” Driver with 3” voice coil
  • 8” neodimium woofer with 3” voice coil
  • 110° conical coverage
  • 24 Bit 96 kHz DSP with M-Modelling Technology
  • Integrated DANTE
  • M-Modelling Technology
  • Compatible Softwares: M-Connect and M-Simulation
  • Wi-Fi Connection
  • M-ID authentication system via app
  • Integrated Rigging


  • Theater
  • Conferences
  • Touring
  • Rental
  • Audio for System Integration