Roland RP-30 Digital Piano 88 keys with Bench Black

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The Roland RP-30 is a digital piano with an 88-key Ivory Feel Keyboard and an authentic piano touch and tone for proper technique development. It features 15 onboard tones including electric piano, strings, and harpsichord, and has a built-in metronome with adjustable tempo.

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  • Authentic piano touch and tone for proper technique development
  • Ivory feel keyboard with escapement and 88 full-size keys
  • Sustain, soft, and sostenuto pedals
  • 15 onboard tones including electric piano, strings, and harpsichord
  • Adjustable built-in metronome
  • USB MIDI for working with music software on a computer or tablet
  • Stereo input for playing along with music from a smartphone or music player
  • Elegant wood cabinet with integrated stereo speaker system
  • Dual headphone jacks for playing silently with a friend or practice solo
  • Keyboard: 88 keys (Ivory Feel Keyboard with escapement)
  • Touch Sensitivity: Key Touch: 3 types, fixed touch
  • Max. Polyphony: 128 voices
  • Tones: 15 Tones
  • Master Tuning: 415.3–466.2 Hz (adjustable in increments of 0.1 Hz)
  • Transpose: Key Transpose: -6–+5 (in semitones)
  • Effects: Master EQ: 3 types, Reverb: Off, 4 types, Chorus: Off, 4 types
  • Metronome: Tempo: Quarter note = 30–280, Beat: 0/4, 2/4, 3/4, 4/4, 5/4, 6/4, Volume: 0–10 levels
  • Internal Memory: Demo song: 1 song, Tone demo: 15 songs
  • Connectors: DC In jack, Phones jack x 2: Stereo 1/4-inch phone type, USB COMPUTER port: USB Type B, Input jack: Stereo 1/4-inch phone type, Output jack: Stereo 1/4-inch phone type
  • Rated Power Output: 10 W x 2
  • Speakers: 15 cm (6 inches) x 2
  • Power Supply: AC adaptor
  • Power Consumption: 20 W (5–30 W)
  • Current Draw: DC 15 V / 2,500 mA
  • Size (Including piano stand, With music rest): Width: 1,380 mm (54-3/8 inches), Depth: 485 mm (19-1/8 inches), Height: 1,000 mm (39-3/8 inches)
  • Weight (Including piano stand): 48 kg (105 lbs 14 oz)
  • Authentic piano touch and tone for proper technique development
  • Dual headphone jacks for silent playing with a friend or solo practice
  • USB MIDI for working with music software on a computer or tablet
  • Stream music through the piano's speakers and accompany tracks using the stereo input
  • Elegant wood cabinet with integrated stereo speaker system
  • 15 onboard tones, including electric piano, strings, and harpsichord, for exploring different music styles


You want to give your child the best start on the piano. But it can be hard to hold their attention, especially when you’re competing with smartphones, games, TV, and other modern-day distractions. As Roland’s entry-level digital piano, the RP30 is the easy and affordable way to bring music into your home, offering a choice of 15 inspiring volume-controllable tones, practical features that make learning more enjoyable, and a stylish wooden cabinet that will keep it at the heart of your family for years to come.

  • Highly-acclaimed Roland piano sounds, ideal for piano practice and lessons
  • Authentic piano touch helps your child’s technique develop
  • Features three pedals for performing authentic classical tunes
  • Luxury wooden cabinet complements the décor of your family home
  • A selection of 15 tones keeps your child motivated to practise every day
  • Headphones option for round-the-clock practice without disturbing neighbours
  • Authentic onboard piano tones keep your child inspired and improving

    There’s nothing more discouraging for a first-time pianist than flat tone and lifeless feel. But when a young player has highly expressive tones and a responsive keyboard at their fingertips, they’ll be inspired and keen to progress. Despite its entry-level price, the new Roland RP30 features an onboard selection of the same rich, responsive tones inherited from our highly-acclaimed upper class digital pianos. The authentic piano tone is ideal for lessons and daily practice, even as your children’s piano skill develops.

  • Dynamic keyboard and pedals to support your child’s developing technique

    From first notes to early recitals – and beyond – it’s vital to choose a piano that inspires your child as their playing improves. With sound and touch derived from Roland’s premium models, the RP30 turns beginners into musicians, thanks to a highly responsive keyboard whose hammer action and ivory-feel texture brings out every nuance of a child’s developing touch, encouraging them to play with passion and find their musical voice. The RP30 keeps up as their skills grow, too, offering a sustain pedal, soft pedal and sostenuto pedal for playing authentic classical pieces.

  • An elegant wooden cabinet that makes a statement in your family home

    Perhaps you’ve already considered bringing home a traditional piano – but were put off by the prospect of a large instrument with a footprint that takes over your living space. Slim and discreet, with a stylish cabinet whose wood grain stands up to the quality of our flagship models, the Roland RP30 complements your living space like a fine piece of furniture – drawing the eye and tempting the fingers.

  • 15 onboard sounds to keep children inspired and experimenting

    Buy a traditional piano and you risk your child growing bored of the tone – before returning to their smartphones and video games. Choose the Roland RP30 and you’ll keep them coming back. For lessons and classical pieces, this flexible digital model has four authentic acoustic piano sounds that would pass muster with the most discerning purist. But at the press of a button, the RP30 lets your children get creative with a total of 15 tones including electronic pianos, organs, harpsichord, strings and more. It makes the RP30 an ideal choice for developing an appreciation of music – especially when you include the option of layering and playing two tones at once (eg. piano and strings).

  • Play when it suits you with volume control and headphones

    You never know when inspiration will strike – but the unavoidable acoustic volume of a traditional piano can often disturb others and force young learners to close the lid. With the Roland RP30, your child will always be ready to play, thanks to flexible volume control and a headphones option that lets them practise around the clock. Alongside the onboard metronome, it’s another practical digital feature that ensures nothing will stand in the way of your child’s musical progress.