"Unistar CSL-6112 full-range ceiling speakers 6.5"" Woofer

110 SAR

full-range ceiling speakers designed for indoor public address applications. It consists of a 6.5 inch full-range driver mounted onto a steel chassis with a fire dome.

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ceiling speakers specially designed for indoor public address applications. These three models are an ideal solution for theme parks, commercial centers, train stations, airports, car parks and other applications where message paging and background music are required.  CSL speakers are equipped with a full range 6 ½” (16.5 cm) transducer mounted on a robust metal chassis. It delivers sensational speech intelligibility and large frequency response for background music. The plastic dome is rated 5VB and protects the speaker against the fire and intrusive materials. The speakers are 60 mm shallow which is convenient when the space is limited in a solid or tile ceiling. The quick and easy setting is done by using spring hooks for a solid and safety installation.


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