Unistar La11 24 Concert Ukulele natural

299 SAR

made from top-notch quality Wood, the frets are surprisingly smooth and nicely polished. The neck is well connected and easy to navigate. Rosewood fingerboard & bridge offers both sturdy construct and smooth touch that you can rollover the frets freely on the strings whether playing chords or single notes.

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Ukulele 24 Inches mini size Sounds More Rich and Less Tone Loss Perfect for gifts: Ukulele is a good gift choice for all of you whatever you have tried out other instruments or not Beginner friendly guitar bridge system: WoodWell Resonance Performance and Sustainability,This Ukulele Sounds Bright and Full SoundBone Nut & Saddle: Lossless Sound Transmission , Makes This Ukulele Sounds More Rich and Less Tone Loss