Yamaha L-125 WH Stand For P-125 white


Yamaha L-125 WH Stand For P-125 white

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Yamaha L-125 piano stand

Yamaha L-125 piano stand has been designed for specific use with P-125 pianos. Classically designed electronic piano stand at a fixed height for stable and secure playing, create music without worry about stability issues. Easy to build with a durable wooden design, recommended for music enthusiasts and those with passion for playing the piano. Enjoy your P-125 piano to the fullest with this ideal stand.

Product information

  • Product type: Piano stand
  • Name: L-125
  • Colour: White
  • Material: Wooden chipboard
  • Fixed height

Yamaha. Make Waves

Just a few notes or a simple melody can send out ripples that trigger an emotional bond with another person. Sound and music have a transfor- mational impact on individuals and the world around us. The Make Waves concept focuses on our passions and what matters most to people, namely, expressing themselves and making an impact, to progress personally as a listener and player, and to come together with others. Yamaha is committed to empower people to Make Waves with their sound and music.

Box Contains

1 x Yamaha L-125WH Stand

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Weight 5 kg

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