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aDawliah Group is a leading closed joint-stock company. It has attained its strong position rapidly in the Arab markets through a diversified business strategy in multiple fields.

The group is a well-capitalized and privately held business enterprise, led by a strong management team. The proven track record of aDawliah stems from its management’s ability to identify business opportunities that synchronize with the group’s core competencies and execute business plans effectively and efficiently.

Currently, aDawliah Group is proud to be the sole agent for more than 40 leading brands and 6000 unique products in various sectors with offices in the following markets: KSA UAE Kuwait Qatar Oman Egypt Jordan

With such diversity, one thing remains constant at aDawliah: our focus on consistent quality and leadership, adapting to the changing markets, customer’s behavior, and technological advancements.

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Our Strong Focus On Continuously Improving Our Processes And Operations Led To Our Success Over The Years.

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