YORX Gas Cooker italy 5 Burners full safety 60*90 digital display Turkish industry

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YORX Gas Cooker italy 5 Burners full safety 60*90 digital display  Turkish industry

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Gas Fueled Cooker
This Gas fueled Cooker lights immediately, giving you instant heat, and you can control the heat level with precision. When you turn the flame off, the food can stay on the range without worry of overcooking because the elements cool quickly. If you like to broil, this gas cooker can provide an appealing unevenness to your food, such as with potatoes or cheese 


Put your Cooker Anywhere You Like
Place your gas cooker anywhere you like. It is the right size for any kitchen space. Use it alone or together with your other kitchen appliances for perfect meals each time. Serve baked goodies, roasted chicken or warm mushroom soup. This versatile cooker has the capacity to whip up any dish

Easy Adjustments with a Turn of the Knob
Heat up leftovers quickly or make delicious meals from scratch. The gas cooker has adjustable heat to match how you want your dishes cooked. Enjoy slow cooked meat or blanch your vegetables in the right water temperature. Changing the flame size to suit the size of your pots and pans is easy with just the turn of a knob. And because the flame heats cookware easily, you spend less time in the kitchen and more time doing what matters most to you

A Perfect Cooking Choice
Most of us spend so much time cooking, it’s important to make the right choice of cooking appliance to suit your home and lifestyle. With a gas only cooker the oven, grill and hob are all fueled by gas. Gas ovens supply instant heat and create a moist cooking atmosphere so certain foods like meat and poultry will not 'dry out' as they can sometimes do in an electric oven. Gas hobs provide instant heat response giving you more control. With its Free standing design it can be move around wherever you want in the kitchen while accumulating only a small portion of space. With its good capacity oven, you can make most of your family’s favorite cakes, roast and many more