Yamaha DZR15 Yamaha Powered Active Speakers

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The DZR15-D is a Dante-equipped 2-way bi-amped powered loudspeaker that offers superb clarity at an impressive maximum SPL of 139dB. With best-in-class SPL performance, sophisticated DSP processing, and unrivaled low-frequency sound reproduction, the DZR15-D realizes a truly professional sound delivered with a level of power that belies its compact, lightweight design.

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Yamaha DZR15 2000W 15 Powered SpeakerPower, Performance, and Easy System IntegrationThe Yamaha DZR15 offers superb clarity and best-in-class SPL performance. This 2-way bi-amped PA speaker boasts a high-power 2,000-watt Class D amplifier, a 34Hz–20kHz frequency range, and can tackle any application you throw at it. Sophisticated DSP processing yields high-resolution sound with super-low latency, while optimized presets and an intuitive LCD display make dialing in your settings a piece of cake. As a powered PA speaker, the DZR15 integrates with any configuration. It can also operate effectively as a stage monitor. The DZR15 employs a lightweight, yet durable, plywood cabinet with a premium-grade polyurea coating.Sophisticated DSP processingAt Sweetwater, we're impressed by the DZR15's intelligent DSP processing. Yamaha's Advanced FIR-X tuning employs a combination of FIR filtering and corrective EQ to minimize phase distortion, ensuring smooth frequency response, stunning clarity, and accurate sound imaging. D-Contour is an intelligent multiband compressor that maintains the ultimate in clarity, even when you push the DZR15 to its highest output level. D-Contour features two settings, FOH/MAIN and MONITOR mode, allowing you to fine-tune the DZR15's sound based on your application. You also get DSP protection that safeguards your power supply, power amplifiers, and transducers against damage. Despite all this powerful DSP, the DZR15 remains easy to use, thanks to optimized factory presets and an intuitive LCD screen.Custom-designed transducersThe Yamaha DZR15 is loaded with great-sounding, custom-designed transducers. Its high-frequency transducer includes a 2-inch voice coil and 1-inch throat compression driver, a titanium diaphragm, and neodymium magnet housed in a heat-resistant aluminum-cast frame. Its low-frequency transducer uses a large 3-inch voice coil, cast-aluminum frame, and powerful, yet lightweight, neodymium magnet to handle the chest-thumping low end that the DZR15 delivers. The DZR15 isn't just all about power, however. Its low-end response is tightly controlled, especially in the mid-bass and vocal range, assuring crystal-clear sound reproduction — even at cranked volumes.Smart, ultra-flexible designThe DZR15 integrates with any configuration, thanks to its ultra-flexible design. Its rotatable horn allows vertical or horizontal mounting. Benefit from a 90x50° dispersion from a vertical position. Enjoy smooth, level coverage, by virtue of the DZR15's constant directivity horn — its innovative design minimizes the roll-off that conventional horns often produce.High-power Class D amplifierLoaded with 2,000 watts of Class D power, the Yamaha DZR15 is a beast. It delivers an impressive 139dB SPL, so go ahead and crank it up — the DZR15 can take it. Enjoy maximum power, along with stable, worry-free operation, thanks to a universal switching mode power supply. Beyond that, this amp was optimized to match the DZR15's transducers, ensuring top-tier sound quality.


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