YORX Side By side refrigerator 17.1 feet 484 liters Digital Screen Multi Air Flow

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YORX Cupboard Refrigerator 17.10 feet. 484 Liter Stainless Inverter Digital Screen Side By side silver color stainless steel elegant and modern

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Unique Side by side Refrigerator
Experience this side by side refrigerator  and enjoy its sturdy and appealing design in your kitchen. It is good for walkway spaces or areas where you can't have a large swinging door without compromising on capacity

Extra Large Internal Storage
you don't have to worry about storage ever again. You have all possibilities to store in your refrigerator

Organize Your Items

The shelves are good enough to store whatever you want with no worries about storage. In addition to the durability of these shelves, they are easy to clean. The refrigerator’s door bins efficiently store milk, juice and bottles of soda, making them easier to grab while taking up zero shelf space. This also organizes the items in your refrigerator

Find Items Quickly
The internal lights will be very helpful when you look for certain items. The light gives you the chance to find whatever you want, wherever it is, even the corners will be highlighted for you so that you find items easily and quickly