YORX Steam Iron Press 38 inch with Stainless steel movable stand

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YORX Steam Press Digital Screen Black surface for more durability 38 inch Movable stainless steel stand Sliding water tank for easy filling of water A spray bottle and a water jug filling and cushion for easy ironing Lock handle For safety

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Why to buy Yorx Steam Press

The Yorx Steam Press gives you a professional pressing results right at home. With a Extra large pressing surface  and adjustable heat and steam settings you can quickly press tablecloths, curtains, dress pants and more. Saves pressing time up to 80% compared to traditional irons.


Electronic temperature setting
The temperature can be set electronically for all usual fabrics: synthetic, silk, wool, cotton and linen


Few minutes to Be Ready 
the heating plate and ironing board  steam press are normally the same length. When ironing you use the handle to lower and lift the heating plate in order to press your wardrobe. The heating plate covers the cloth you place on the ironing board entirely pressing it in seconds